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GB Whatsapp Free Download, Latest Version, Update 2023 etc. all information, you can get easily in this article. GB WhatsApp latest version 2023 APK download link is available in this article. Read full article to download GB WhatsApp latest version 2023.

GB WhatsApp 2023

GB WhatsApp is a modified popular version of WhatsApp in which you get to see many different and exciting features as compared to normal WhatsApp. The name of the owner of GB WhatsApp is Omar, who comes from the country of Syria, he founded GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp was developed by a senior XDA member named Has.007. GB WhatsApp is designed only for Android users, it is not available for iOS users. IPhone users cannot use this app, this is a third party app, in which you get many new features which are not available in normal WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp APK Overview

Name of ApplicationGB WhatsApp APK
Owner NameOmar
Country Syria
Android Version4.3 and Above
Total Downloads95,000,000+
Purpose of ApplicationWhatsApp Extra Features
Application Size51.1 MB
Last Updated1 Hour Ago

GB WhatsApp Free Download APK All Version

Many new versions are launched from time to time by GB WhatsApp, in which you get to see many new features which give the user a different experience. You can download free these GB WhatsApp version. Below is the list of all versions of GB WhatsApp.

  • GB WhatsApp Version V.19.20
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.19.10
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.17.20
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.17.10
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.15.20
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.15.10
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.14.9
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.14.20
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.14.10
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.9.5
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.9.20
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.9.10
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.8.20
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.8.10
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.6.9
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.6.20
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.6.10
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.4.9
  • GB WhatsApp Version V.4.3
GB WhatsApp latest version 2023

GB Whatsapp Update Fouad Mods 2023

GB WhatsApp Update Fouad Mods download here is available. Lots of new features have been added in this new version by GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp APK latest version 2023 is V.19.20. In this new version you will get status download, theme change, always online, blue tick hide and show and many more new features. This new version of GB WhatsApp has been launched in 2023.

GB WhatsApp Latest Version APK DownloadDownload
GB WhatsApp Pro APK DownloadDownload
gb whatsapp update fouad modsDownload
FM WhatsApp APK DownloadDownload

GB WhatsApp Latest Version Features 2023

A lot of new features have been added by GB WhatsApp in its new version as compared to the old version. All these features give a unique experience to GB WhatsApp users. GB WhatsApp has modified its old features to a great extent in this new version. The new features of GB WhatsApp are given below.

1. Auto Reply

In this version of GB WhatsApp, you get the facility of auto reply, using which you can auto reply to your friend. This is an AI best feature that automatically replies to messages.

2. Themes Change

In this version by GB WhatsApp, you can change your theme according to your own, this is a great feature that makes the user feel a unique experience. By this features you can apply your image, gallery photo, emoji or any color on your theme.

3. Status Download

In GB WhatsApp, you get the feature of downloading status, using which you can easily download your favorite status and apply it on your status. This feature is not available in normal WhatsApp. It has been launched in the new version of GB WhatsApp.

4. Send Maximum Pictures

In the new version of GB WhatsApp, you can send up to 90 pictures at once. In this new version, you can also send video clips up to 50MB and audio clips up to 100MB.

5. Beautiful Font

In GB WhatsApp, you can use new and beautiful fonts which makes your message amazing, by this features you can easily change the phone of your message.

6. Password Protection

In the new version of GB WhatsApp, you get password protection facility, by using this feature you can password protect your GB WhatsApp, you can password protect any of your contact chats through this feature.

7. Blue Tick Hide/Show

In GB WhatsApp, you can also hide and show the blue tick of your message, this is one of the best features which is not available in normal WhatsApp, in this picture you get the message in this feature. But you can hide and show its blue tick.

8. Multiple Massages

In the new version of GB WhatsApp, you can send multiple messages at once. By using this feature, you can send multiple messages to multiple contacts at once.

9. DND Feature

In GB WhatsApp, you can stop incoming messages by using the DND feature, through this feature only your GB WhatsApp messages will be closed.

10. Hide/Show Status

In GB WhatsApp, you can hide and show your status for a particular contact. Using this feature, you can show or hide the contacts you want to show or hide your status.

Features Difference In GB WhatsApp & Fouad Mods WhatsApp

There is a lot of difference between the features of GB WhatsApp and normal WhatsApp. There are many such features in GB WhatsApp which are not available in normal WhatsApp, due to which people have started liking GB WhatsApp Update fouad mods a lot. GB WhatsApp is a mod version of WhatsApp Pro. WhatsApp Pro has been discontinued due to which there is a lot of demand for GB WhatsApp.

FeaturesGB WhatsAppWhatsApp
Status DownloadYesNo
Theme ChangeYesNo
Documents Sending10030
Media Sending50MB 15MB
Auto ReplyYesNo
Password ProtectionYesNo
Blue Tick Hide/ShowYesNo

How to Download GB WhatsApp Latest Version

Compared to normal WhatsApp, we get to see a lot of features in GB WhatsApp, so GB WhatsApp is in high demand. By following some steps given below, you can download GB WhatsApp and install it on your mobile.

GB WhatsApp install guide
  • Click on the link for GB WhatsApp latest version download above.
  • Now enable the option of unknown sources in your phone’s settings.
  • After that click on the button of install which will install GB WhatsApp APK.
  • Now GB WhatsApp will be installed in your phone, after that you will open GB WhatsApp.
  • After this enter your mobile number and add your name and profile photo.
  • Now GB WhatsApp is started in your phone and you can enable its features.

Disadvantage of GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is a mod version of WhatsApp Pro, which has been created by modifying the source code of WhatsApp, in GB WhatsApp you get many such features which are not available in WhatsApp, due to which its demand remains high. But this is a third party application which WhatsApp has asked users not to use. By the way, you get many features in GB WhatsApp, which give a unique experience to the user, but there is a possibility of your data loss or hacking in this application. There is no official website of GB WhatsApp, only you can install its APK and run the application on your phone. You cannot install GB WhatsApp in iPhone because you cannot use it in iOS due to safety purpose. This download link and APK is only available on Chrome and other browsers

GB WhatsApp APK Websitegbwhatsapp

FAQ related to GB WhatsApp

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a mod version of WhatsApp Pro. In this you get many new features which are not available in normal WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is a third party app in this you get features like blue tick hide and show, status download, password protection, font change etc.

How to update GB WhatsApp?

To update GB WhatsApp, you have to install the latest version of GB WhatsApp, after which your GB WhatsApp will be updated and you will get new features. The download link of GB WhatsApp latest version is given in the above article.

How to Use GB WhatsApp?

It is very easy to use GB WhatsApp, first you install GB WhatsApp APK, then add your mobile number, after which you can use GB WhatsApp like normal WhatsApp.

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